Gallery: Mach Loop March 2022

If you mention the Mach Loop to anyone, even people who aren’t AvGeeks, they know what it is. Or at least they know of “The jets in North Wales”. Ever since I was on a coach driving through the Lake District as a teenager and saw a pair of Hercules in a formation next to the M6 motorway the low flying areas were a photography “bucket list” item. On the 7th of March 2022 that wish was delivered, we travelled down to a cold Welsh campsite, pitched our tents and ate Sunday lunch the day before and then the next morning we headed for the hills. Having not hiked in a long time, I found the climb pretty tough, especially with the camera kit I had to carry too. We had a fantastic day with 13 passes including F15s, a Tucano, and Hawks, closing with a pass from a C130J Hercules of RAF Brize Norton. This was particularly poetic as my first sight of low flying were two Hercules back in 2017, and here I was almost five years later at the top of Cad East photographing a Hercules flying down the valley at a low level.

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