Gallery: Macro Snow

One of the things I love most about macro photography is the ability to fill the frame and create a scene out of a seemingly dull subject. Just having a lens that can punch in and see the detail allows for a wealth of creative opportunities. That’s exactly what happened here, it had been snowing for a couple of days, but unfortunately, I was never free when it just started to go and get the traditional snowflake shot. So I decided against tradition and to go and find the subject in what I had. These shots were taken of a small fir tree in my back garden, with the 60mm Macro from Olympus which found an impressive amount of detail in the small spots of ice that were remaining.

On one of the shots, you can see a bit of flare on the right from what I think was the flashgun, it’s open to personal taste but I think it adds a bit of flair and character to the image almost like some Christmas lights.

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