The beginning of a long journey

One of my dream for a long time has been to learn to fly, in around May 2018, I decided I was finally going to start to realise my dream of learning to fly. So on the 30th October 2018, I had my very first flying lesson towards my Private Pilots Licence (PPL). The lesson began around 1:15pm on a reasonably dry and bright (ish) afternoon, it was a slightly surreal feeling standing right at the entrance to the airfield waiting to go airside and take my first steps into my future. My flight was from Barton Aerodrome, now known as City Airport Manchester not too far from the Trafford Centre in Manchester, I even had the fun of flying over the Trafford center. I can assure it is a building that looks as spectacular from the air as it does on the ground, the architecture of it is sheer brilliance.  Having flown on passenger airliners for a large proportion of the holidays in my life I didn’t think taking off would be very special, especially since it was my first lesson I wouldn’t be flying the take off. However, it is so much more exciting and excillerating when you are travelling down a grass runway at 80mph staring straight out of the front of the plane, it is just something else!

Outside View of the plane
Outside View of the plane


When we were walking to the aircraft my instructor asked me where I would like to fly over, my immediate answer was Oldham, just to scare the lovley folks down at Hack where I am a director. I am told this is one of the more difficult places to fly over as it is entirley in the airspace of Manchester International Airport, playing with the big boys now! To my suprise it was very simple to ask for clearance from Manchester Airport’s tower to fly over Oldham. So of we went to Oldham! After we completed the climb out to 2000ft I was able to take the controls and try some simple turns and get used to trimming the aircraft. Trimming is the process of  stabilising the aircraft so that it is easier to control, it was suprisingly fun and not scary at all.


During a turn


Unfortunatley I was too busy flying to get any images of Oldham from the sky, however I was able to detect my aircraft and it’s callsign from my flight tracker in Hack Oldham. Be sure to check out my blog about that and find out just how simple it was to build one for yourself. It was fantastic to see my home town from the air, something I had imagined from being very small and now my dream was finally on it’s way to being realised. It was amazing to get the chance to fly a light aircraft and I look forward to continuing my PPL studies with my next lesson on 10th November. This time I will officially be able to fill in my new shiny log book and begin being the pilot in command on the aircraft in the not too distant future. Keep an eye for my next posts about my flying adventures!


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